Operator’s Bill of Rights

Golf Course Operator’s Bill of Rights for Marketing and Distribution of Tee Times

This “Operator’s Bill of Rights” is presented by the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition as a quick reference for golf course owners, golf course operators and PGA Professionals to consider when evaluating and negotiating for services related to tee time software and distribution. Consideration of the concepts articulated in this Operator’s Bill of Rights will assist in positioning your facility to develop an industry leading service relationship with its providers.

  1. Operator shall have total ownership of his or her tee time inventory, including the ability to share access with or restrict access to any tee time agency.

  2. Operator shall have full control of all pricing for all tee time inventory across all channels of distribution and online tee time agencies, which includes retaining the right to lowest price guarantee on his/her own website.

  3. Operator’s tee time availability and pricing shall be accurately displayed and free from misrepresentation.

  4. Operator shall receive comprehensive and transparent data related to all performance and activity with all distribution partners, agencies and affiliates, including but not limited to customer name and email address, tee time reservation data, revenue, price paid for tee times, impressions and clicks.

  5. Operator shall have the option to pay cash for all technology and marketing services.

  6. Operator shall retain all rights associated with his/her business brand, name and likeness, which shall not be used in marketing by any agent or affiliate without the Operator’s written permission.

  7. Operator shall have the right to cancel any agreement with any tee time agency or affiliate without being subject to excessive fees, penalties or evergreen terms.

  8. Operator shall have the right to enforce their own policies and procedures, including but not limited to cancellation or no-show policies, when such policies are in conflict with partnered or affiliated tee time agencies.

Adopted and approved by the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition – January 2018