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The NGCOA believes that “golf should look like America”: diverse and dynamic. To that end, we are committed to offering information, ideas, resources and initiatives that move the industry—especially the business of golf and golf course ownership—toward a more equitable and inclusive sport.

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National Organizations & Companies

Engage with groups diversifying the game and supporting communities

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publications and player programs

Publications & Player Programs

Programs, publications and podcasts about accessibility and inclusivity

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Workplace Resources

Create a workplace culture that welcomes and embraces diversity

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make golf your thing

Make Golf Your Thing

Invite, encourage and welcome "future golfers" to play at your facility

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Nearly 6 in 10 owners felt strongly that "a marketing focus on diversity and inclusion efforts" was critical to the success of their facility...
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Live from the 2022 African American Golf Expo: Interview with Jim Beatty

An NGCOA Diversity & Inclusion Center exclusive: NGCOA was on-location in Charlotte, NC for the 2022 African American Golf EXPO & Forum and spoke with Founder Jim Beatty! To learn more about this event, head to aagolfexpo.com