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The NGCOA believes that “golf should look like America”: diverse and dynamic. To that end, we are committed to offering information, ideas, resources and initiatives that move the industry—especially the business of golf and golf course ownership—toward a more equitable and inclusive sport.

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National Organizations & Companies

Engage with groups diversifying the game and supporting communities

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publications and player programs

Publications & Player Programs

Programs, publications and podcasts about accessibility and inclusivity

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Workplace Resources

Create a workplace culture that welcomes and embraces diversity

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make golf your thing

Make Golf Your Thing

Invite, encourage and welcome "future golfers" to play at your facility

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Diversity & Inclusion Articles

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Top D&I Center Videos

Golf Business LIVE | June 2021 — "Divides... and expands." Jim Beatty, Founder of the African-American Golf EXPO & Forum, on the event's inclusive mission and the positive outcomes he anticipates throughout the industry. 

Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities Linnet Carty, PGA of America's Director of Inclusion and Community Engagement, walks course owners and operators through these critical principles. Click here to view and download the Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities.

Golf Business LIVE | June 2020 Jay Karen (NGCOA CEO) and Don Rea, PGA (Owner, Augusta Ranch Golf Club) talk to Dr. Renee Powell (Owner, Clearview Golf Club and the second ever African-American LPGA Tour player) and Dr. Michael Cooper (Chairman of the 20/20 Golf Diversity Task Force), continuing the conversation on race in America and where it intersects with golf.