Make Golf Your Thing

Make Golf Your Thing is a tangible outgrowth of a golf industry-wide focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. With representative voices from all backgrounds, efforts are also underway in the areas of education and skill development, talent acquisition, procurement, human resources and youth and adult player development.

Make Golf Your Thing will mean different things to different people, so one of the best parts about this initiative is that what you offer your golfers is completely customizable. This campaign encourages you to customize golfers' experiences to fit your facility's needs, and does NOT require you to offer discounts — just invitations to your community. When you join this movement, consumers will recognize the branding and know you are a facility that welcomes all guests, especially new golfers.

So... what does golf look like at your golf course? Golf experiences are different for everyone, and we want consumers to know that golf is whatever they want it to be. We just want everyone to enjoy the game, any way they choose. So your role is to simply invite them to play.

Enhanced Make Golf Your Thing Website Features New Search Directory

The Make Golf Your Thing website now features a directory of more than 8,400 registered golf programs and organizations that meet the guidelines of the American Development Model established by the United States Olympic Committee and golf's governing bodies. The directory establishes a vehicle for new and diverse audiences to become more engaged in the sport by inviting them to participate in programs within their community.

This new directory allows individuals to find instruction, as well as playing programs and events based on filters such as location, age, ability, gender, etc. Using these search parameters, individuals will receive curated results relevant to what's available in their area. Golf course owners and operators and/or program and event facilitators who would like to have their event or program listed on the directory should visit to learn how to qualify.

NGCOA's Mini Toolkit for Marketing MGYT

The industry-official Make Golf Your Thing Toolkit is a comprehensive marketing resource with logos, images, messaging and tangible examples from your owner/operator peers who are activating the #MakeGolfYourThing campaign to better engage customers and drive more revenue to their business.

NGCOA has whittled down the official toolkit to a "mini MGYT toolkit" below — just the marketing basics if you're short on time or marketing staff:

MGYT Logos: This folder contains the official logo in four colors (red, green, black, and white for dark backgrounds), and in two orientations (horizontal and stacked) and in two formats (jpg and png) each. You can use these logos anywhere, including your website, email communications, social media cover photos, posters at your facility and more. We've also included the logo color specs, if you want to use the official colors in your design work.

Click here to access the MGYT logo folder 

MGYT Photos: This folder contains photos you can use in email communications, on your website, or on posters/printed materials at your facility. (You can also use photos you’ve taken at your own course, just make sure you get permission from the customers in them before you use them.)

Click here to access the MGYT photography folder 

MGYT Social Images: This folder contains resized photos from the main toolkit; we've added the MGYT logo for you can use in your social media posts that coordinate with the messaging below. The photos are square, making them appropriate for use in all social media platforms.

Click here to access the MGYT social images folder 

MGYT Social Messaging: Finally, we've drafted five message variations for social media; these are just general ideas, so feel free to edit for each platform and for the details of your course’s MGYT-specific offerings. If you offer golf simulators or other alternatives to traditional golf, promote that! We want everyone to #MakeGolfYourThing, whatever golf means to them!

@CourseName wants to help you #MakeGolfYourThing! Whether you’re new to the sport or want to introduce others to your favorite activity, we’ll make it easy to get you, your friends and/or your family on the course to experience the thrill of the game!
Your very first round of golf might be intimidating: attire, etiquette, rules of golf and pace of play… Don’t worry! We’ll make it crazy-simple to #MakeGolfYourThing, with helpful @CourseName staff to give you all the info you need and make sure you’re having fun with every shot.
It’s #TryItTuesday at @CourseName! Every Tues. from 4-5pm, we welcome ALL golf newbies to #MakeGolfYourThing: drop in, learn the basics from our helpful staff and instructors. Take a walking tour of the facility, a golf cart tour of the property, and/or a few shots on the range.
Why not #MakeGolfYourThing this year? So many have discovered golf in the last year… isn’t it YOUR turn? Come to the Pro Shop at @CourseName, tell the staff you want to “Make Golf Your Thing” and get a rental driver and bucket of range balls for free!
Get out! No really, GET OUT and play a round of healthy, safe and fun golf this summer. Grab a friend, call @CourseName for a tee time, and spend a few hours on the green or at the range. With warmer weather and longer days, there’s no excuse not to #MakeGolfYourThing.

We highly encourage you to share / repost / retweet posts and stories from the Make Golf Your Thing social media accounts: 

Twitter Facebook Instagram Hashtag
@MakeGolfYours @MakeGolfYourThing @MakeGolfYourThing #MakeGolfYourThing

Need Inspiration or More Resources?

Allison George, Owner and Wizard of Fun at Toad Valley Golf Course, has written an article about how her course is embracing this initiative and what they’re doing to welcome new golfers.

Click here to access Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities, and click here for the official Make Golf Your Thing Toolkit which includes more detailed marketing assets, graphics and fonts, SEO and video tips, and more to help you share the news.

And remember to visit
NGCOA’s Diversity and Inclusion Center for lists of organizations, businesses, programs, and resources that support making golf more inclusive and welcoming.

make golf your thing toolkit

The Official "Make Golf Your Thing" Toolkit

This comprehensive resource includes ads, tv spots, videos, graphics, sample engagement and more.

Make Golf Your Career

Connecting talent with opportunity – part of the
Make Golf Your Thing movement! Create a profile for your course and list opportunities for job seekers across the golf industry. 

Browse the entire Make Golf Your Career portal:


'Make Golf Your Thing'  Videos

From Golf Business LIVE | May 2021: PGA TOUR's Chief Marketing Officer Matt Corey joins NGCOA CEO Jay Karen and Owner of Augusta Ranch Golf Club Don Rea, PGA to dive into the Make Golf Your Thing movement.

NGCOA Exclusive: PGA TOUR's Chief Marketing Officer Matt Corey and NGCOA member Allison George, Owner, Toad Valley GC, present "Make Golf Your Thing" to the NGCOA membership!

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