Champions Circle

NGCOA Champions Circle


In 1976, the NGCOA formed, and set out on a mission to champion the interests of golf course owners and operators nationwide. In more recent years, we’ve faced a rising tide of litigation targeting the golf industry, and NGCOA's advocacy department has remained vigilant, responsive and victorious.

Our fight has continued as more lawsuits, and policies and laws that negatively impact the golf industry, arise, many at the state and local levels. Most recently we created and submitted amicus briefs for Indian Pond Golf Club in Massachusetts and the Cazenovia Golf Club in New York.


More will come. And though NGCOA continues to assist, we’ll need the industry to help build our offense and defense to assist directly in these fights — and to continue providing our member courses with timely and effective legal and emergency response.


The NGCOA advocacy program has historically been subsidized by the general operations, but the more frequent attacks on our industry and the growing scope of our work necessitates additional funding to obtain more resources. By the time we see smoke, it’s too late to fight the fire. It’s critical we prepare today — and need support from members like you to do this important industry work. 


In anticipation of this fight, we introduce our latest Advocacy initiative, the NGCOA Champions Circle.


As a member of the NGCOA Champions Circle, you will be a key player in shaping the future of golf industry advocacy. Your annual donation of $2,500 will allow NGCOA to expand its advocacy work, undertake significant future endeavors, and ensure that we’re able to provide comprehensive support for your golf business and other members who need it. NGCOA will be able to continue its proactive and reactive work including:


  1. Creating and managing the NGCOA Advocacy Fund which will support our members' emergency legal and advocacy needs;

  2. Supporting ongoing golf industry organizations and their initiatives (including the American Golf Industry Coalition and the U.S. Travel Association) to amplify our collective voices, and provide us with greater influence, exposure and guidance in navigating complex external factors;

  3. Building a robust network of legal professionals who can support our members in areas encompassing liability, human relations and property management; and

  4. Supporting future (and possibly more complex and significant) advocacy work that has yet to surface.


Your contribution will also allow you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of golf industry advocacy. As a member of the NGCOA Champions Circle, you’ll receive email communications regarding NGCOA’s valuable work and the impact it has on our membership and the industry, and receive an invitation to an NGCOA Champions Circle dinner in Washington, DC during National Golf Day.


Together, we can ensure a thriving and resilient future for golf course owners and operators. Thank you for being an industry champion!



To request an invoice prior to contributing, please contact 

Ronnie Miles, NGCOA Senior Director of Advocacy, at