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Below are publications and programs actively focused on helping the golf industry be as accessible and inclusive as possible. If you have an addition, please contact NGCOA's Marketing Coordinator, Will Mooney, at


  • NEW! Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities: In 2014, the Professional Golfers Association’s leadership intentionally positioned inclusion and diversity as a foundational principle in the Long-Term Strategic Plan, recognizing that we will be defined by how our commitment to inclusion and diversity resonates throughout the PGA of America, our programs, and practices (January 21, 2021; Linnet Carty, Director of Inclusion, PGA of America)
  • African American Golfer's Digest: The African American Golfer’s Digest is a PGA of America Diverse Supplier and the nation’s leading print publication and online portal for avid Black American golfers.
  • Black Golf Directory: A directory of African American golf professionals, coaches, junior programs, adult leagues/events, businesses and publications.
  • Black Golf WireThe Premier News and Media Outlet for and about African Americans in the Golf Industry


  • Birdies Not BS; A Modern Approach to Golf: Golf experts Cheyenne Woods and Doug Smith take a modern approach to the golfing experience while answering the most popular questions the new generation of golfers have today.
  • Protégé Podcast Presents Black Man Brilliance: Kenneth Bentley on Golf and Boardroom Diversity
  • Tee 2 Green Golf Podcast: Tee 2 Green Golf Podcast is the inclusive voice of golf. It highlights the diverse and broad spectrum of golf today, while introducing listeners to players, suppliers, courses, opinions, analysis and fostering the expanded community in golf today!



Player Programs

  • APGA Tour: The Advocates Pro Golf Association Tour was established in 2008 as a non-profit organization with the mission to bring greater diversity to the game of golf. The APGA Tour Board of Directors work to accomplish this by hosting and operating professional golf tournaments, player development programs, mentoring programs and by introducing the game to inner city young people.
  • Black Girls Golf: Developed to create opportunities to build better professional relationships and connect with people in positions of power and influence. It's a global network of like-minded women who want to learn, practice, and play golf. The organization is headquartered in Greater Atlanta with more than 4,000 members in the U.S and abroad.
  • Black Golf Directory: Junior Programs: 24+ programs that give young players a chance to learn with their peers, usually at a low cost and do not require equipment. These programs provide golf instruction, equipment, and access to a golf course.
  • Latina Golfers Association: The Latina Golfers Association (LGA) was founded by Azucena Maldonado in 2008 to introduce women of all ages to the game of golf for their professional development, personal enjoyment, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. What started as a passion and love of the game quickly turned into a movement with over 2,000 members in Los Angeles County. The LGA hosts golf clinics, golf lessons, workshops, golf outings, tournaments, and receptions, and membership is free.
  • LPGA*USGA Girls Golf: LPGA*USGA Girls Golf is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments for juniors to learn the game of golf.
  • Make Golf Your Thing Directory of Programs: More than 8,400 registered golf programs and organizations that meet the guidelines of the American Development Model established by the United States Olympic Committee and golf's governing bodies.
  • Midnight Golf Program: The Midnight Golf Program is dedicated to equipping determined young adults through life skills training, proactive coaching, long-term mentoring and the discipline of golf in order to succeed in college, in their careers and beyond.
  • National Alliance for Accessible Golf: The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (Alliance) is the leader in inclusion— working to ensure the opportunity for all individuals with disabilities to play the game of golf. Formed in the summer of 2001, the National Alliance is represented by major golf, recreation and therapeutic organizations in the United States; organizations that provide services for people with disabilities; and others who advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities into society.
  • Women's Golf Day: Women's Golf Day is a collaborative effort by a dedicated team, golf management companies, retailers and organizations all working together to engage, empower and support girls and women through golf.
  • Women On Course: Women on Course is the fastest growing national community for business professionals and lifestyle enthusiasts interested in connecting through the game of golf and all it has to offer. Women on Course hosts local golf, social and networking events across the country with a membership component to enhance participation and facilitate friendships. They provide custom golf events and programs for organizations developing their female leaders. 
Live from the 2022 African American Golf Expo:
Meet the Exhibitors
An NGCOA Diversity & Inclusion Center exclusive: NGCOA was on-location in Charlotte, NC for the 2022 African American Golf EXPO & Forum and spoke with a few difference-makers in the D&I space, some of which we proudly feature on our D&I Center! To learn more about this event, head to 
Live from the 2022 African American Golf Expo: Interview with Jim Beatty
An NGCOA Diversity & Inclusion Center exclusive: NGCOA was on-location in Charlotte, NC for the 2022 African American Golf EXPO & Forum and spoke with Founder Jim Beatty! To learn more about this event, head to 

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