Tee Time Advocacy

beware of barter report

Online tee time booking is the fastest growing phase of the golf industry. This service creates growth opportunities for golf course owners and operators. With many electing to use third-party providers, this new trend has brought unique challenges. The NGCOA is providing education for golf course owners and operators who look to use a third-party to assist with their online tee time bookings.

While almost everyone uses these companies to access its point-of-sale system, there are still challenges that a golf course must understand when determining whether or not to provide access to its tee time inventory. This section will explain to you the history of online tee time distribution, the current players involved, and the things you need to do to ensure you are protecting your golf course brand. 

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After five years of educating and advocating for the golf course industry, the work of the Golf USA Tee Time Coalition has transferred to the NGCOA advocacy department. We would like to thank the PGA of America for their support of the coalition since its inception. Golf course owners, operators and PGA professionals may reach out to NGCOA for assistance and information related to your tee time distribution business and relationships with golf management software partners and online tee time agencies.