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The NGCOA protects and advances golf courses’ business interests through an array of education, resources and engagement at the federal, regulatory, state and legal levels. We keep you aware of industry-related changes and challenges, and provide interpretation and suggestions for action.


Legislative Tracking Map

View/track important pieces of legislation on state and national levels

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Golf Business Advocacy Hotline: 843-471-1300

NEW! Speak with a dedicated ombudsman with advocacy questions or for dedicated assistance


Golf & Travel

Learn how NGCOA is involved with issues that affect golf and resort businesses.

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NGCOA educates and supports golf businesses on compliance and balance

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We help you navigate the issues that are always on the forefront of golf course businesses

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Tee Time Advocacy

Research, reports, insight and media related to 3rd-party online tee time agents (OTTAs)

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Labor & Immigration

We keep on top of these critical issues and fight legislation that could hurt your golf business

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NGCOA monitors, interprets and shares legislative updates, and advocates on your behalf

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Advocacy Center Pulse Spotlight

"Over 33% of facility owners in the Western U.S. ranked water availability, cost, and regulation among the top three issues impacting the sustainability and financial health of their facility..."
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Advocacy Center Videos

As seen on Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams (May 2022)
Ronnie Miles, NGCOA's Senior Director of Advocacy explains, "We encourage all the people in our industry: whether it is owners/operators, front line employees, superintendents and PGA professionals to get to know the local representatives in their communities... Because your city council person today may be your senator later. Find out how NGCOA's advocacy efforts can help you when it comes to understanding the legislation that directly affects your business.
As seen on Golf Business LIVE (April 2022) –
Rhett Evans, CEO of the GCSAA, chats with NGCOA CEO Jay Karen and PGA Secretary Don Rea about the ways the GCSAA is continuing to lead the way on sustainability, including providing operators and lawmakers with critical science-based data to combat negative environmental stereotypes that golf often faces