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Operating a golf course is akin to running five (or more!) separate businesses. The NGCOA provides you with resources for managing everything from your back office to the green — and everything in-between.

pga job board

PGA Job Board

Find or post a job, or search for PGA Professionals for your golf business

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policy and regulatory resources

Labor and Immigration Resources

Learn about critical personnel issues facing your golf business

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compensation and benefits study

2021 Golf Industry Comp. & Benefits Report

Learn how your compensation and benefits compare with the industry 

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Insurance Services

Get insurance options to lower cost and risk

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Make Golf Your Career

Connecting talent with opportunity – part of the
Make Golf Your Thing movement! Create a profile for your course and list opportunities for job seekers across the golf industry. 

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Download NGCOA's comprehensive 'So, You Want to Own a Golf Course?' which provides foundational knowledge related to golf course ownership.


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As seen on Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams (June 2022) -
Dylan Gladney, Recruiting Specialist at the PGA of America explains, "Three things we always have to ask ourselves as golf course owners, as individuals in the industry, as employers are: have you created an enjoyable work environment? Do you mentor and advance your employees? And do you create meaningful work?" The PGA of America is making meaningful strides in providing job opportunities to aspiring golf professionals with its job board and partnerships with the PGA and LPGA tours. Find out how NGCOA's newest partner PGA Career Services can help you find the ideal candidate for your organization. 
As seen on Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams (May 2022) -
Whitney Pennell, President of RCSU Hospitality explains, "One of the things we found in our research during covid is: 66% of all companies across industries will be looking for soft skills in employees. As the world gets more automated and we rely on technology in a lot of different ways even through recruiting and training, we still have to have the human touch. As more companies automate more... the more human touch matters even exponentially." Find out how NGCOA's partner RCSU can help train employees and improve your customer experience.