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Important Whitepapers on Protecting Your Brand

The Benefits of Owning a Federal Trademark Registration

The name of your golf course, your brand or trademark, is more important today than it has ever been. As products and services are quickly commoditized, and empowered consumers are flooded with information, customer experience has become the new method.

What is Keyword Advertising?

Keyword advertising refers to advertisements that appear alongside or above “organic” search results in response to terms or “keywords” in the user’s search query. A search for “cheapest unlimited cell phone plans,” for example, yields paid ads for mobile.

Use of Golf Course Names as Keywords
Golf courses are increasingly experiencing issues related to third parties using their names or their trademarks as keywords to trigger competing advertisements for tee time reservations. The source of these problems begins with search engine providers, such as Google or Bing, auctioning the right to attach certain words to companies’ sponsored advertisements.