2022 Golf Business Pulse Report

A View Into the Changing Industry of Golf Operations

Critical Overviews, Trends and Insights for Optimizing Business Operations


NGCOA recently released the 2022 Golf Business Pulse Report, which was developed and produced in partnership with Sports and Leisure Research Group, and sponsored by the United States Golf Association (USGA). This insightful publication ​​examines emerging trends and critical issues for the year ahead, a macro perspective on the state of the golf course operations business, and a deeper analysis into three key operating areas: Operations, Agronomy and Customer Development & Engagement.

Research and development included substantial interviews conducted with NGCOA members and hundreds of facility owners and operators. The results show attitudes and perceptions on significant challenges, opportunities and issues, and determine the extent of their impact on golf facility performance optimization. This report explores technology, labor issues, inflation, gamification, new player orientation and more — we take off the gloves to finely peel back the layers of not only which trends golf course owners and operators are embracing, but heavy challenges they’re facing.

Here are some owner/operator sentiments contained within the report:

  • 68% of golf facilities need to focus more on providing alternatives to the 18-hole round
  • 73% of golf courses need more forward tees
  • 74% believe golf ranges will become a significant new revenue source over the next several years
  • 87% agree that golf needs to do a better job of managing the customer journey of golfers once they complete their initial introduction to the game
  • Nearly 70% agree that golf continues to be a more viable leisure option than other activities that have reopened after COVID

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