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NGCOA CEO Jay Karen believes "the key to transformation will be to create the golf course that is open for business under the sun or the moon, and when the weather is fantastic or terrible. I believe the golf course of the future will be indoor and outdoor, if only we can find ways to embrace virtual reality and gamification of golf, which includes simulators and other high-tech concepts." Read the entire post here.

Today's golfers, especially younger ones, want to enhance their play with mobile technology, social network integration, different formats, and night golf. This said, there are many companies that can help you enhance your traditional golf business, increase revenue, diversify your player demographic, and transform your golf course business into a progressive, exciting location that your customers can't wait to return to: GOLFZON | Toptracer | NextLinks | Full Swing Golf | OptiShot | FlightScope | Foresight Sports | Lite4Nite


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Rock Lucas, Owner of Charwood Golf Club (SC), discusses the value of exciting new technologies with Del Ratcliffe, owner of Ratcliffe Golf Services.
Cathy Harbin, Owner of Pine Ridge Golf Course (TX), discusses implementing new Toptracer driving range bays at her "green grass" facility.

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