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Real estate-related education, valuable resources and proven best practices to help current and future golf course owners make more informed decisions — and get the highest return on their property investments.


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From Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams — Thinking of buying a golf course? Are you trying to operate in an environmentally-conscious manner? California course owners (and NGCOA members) Pamela and Randy Dreyfuss explain their "net-zero" operating goals in reducing carbon emissions – all while taking advantage of tax credits and other federal incentives that some may not be aware of. 

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2 in 3 course owners agree that "golf facilities need to focus more on providing alternative options to the traditional 18 hole round..."
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owners_guide_cover_with_shadow_1000px.jpgNGCOA's comprehensive 'So, You Want to Own a Golf Course?' provides foundational knowledge related to golf course ownership to those who may be considering it. New or aspiring owners can only benefit from advice from those who, in many cases, learned the hard way what did or did not work. Those interested in this guide can CLICK HERE to download.