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Sustainability – A Look Back

By Rich O'Brien, Operations Manager, PGA HOPE Charleston In the Summer of 2015, I interviewed Rand Jerris, Ph.D. the Senior Managing Director for Public Services for the United States Golf Association. He oversees many of the key functions of the...

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The Great Ball Mark Catastrophe: It's a Potmark Pandemic

By Harvey Silverman, Silverback Golf Marketing It's one of the great frustrations in golf. Golfers, superintendents, course owners, and operators all agree – unfixed ball marks suck and ruin the game. I got an email from Pasatiempo Golf Club, a...

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Core Aerification: An Expensive, Wasteful Relic of Another Time

Core Aerification: An Expensive, Wasteful Relic of Another Time By Parker Cohn, CEO, Performance Resource Management Nothing beats playing on your favorite course during the fall. The temperature is a near perfect 70° when you pull up to the club house. As you approach the pro...

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Simplifying Technical Aspects Regarding Seasonality (STARS) Act

March 2018 : Lack of clarity regarding the employer mandates seasonal worker exemption within the Affordable Care Act (ACA) continues to be a problem for the golf industry. Given our heavy reliance on seasonal workers, it is critical that the golf industry have a clear definition of seasonal...

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CWA NPDES Pesticide General Permit

Overview: Golf course operators and their superintendents are some of the nation's leading practitioners of integrated pest management, a philosophy that reduces the potential environmental risks of pesticide usage. However, pesticide users are now subject to a court-imposed requirement that...