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Teeing Up Tips for Handling Stress in the Workplace

By Whitney Reid Pennell, President, RCS Hospitality Group Everyone, no matter what, has dealt with some sort of stress

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Are You Throwing Your New Hires to the Wolves?

By Whitney Reid Pennell, President, RCS Hospitality Group In the book, My Antonia, a story is told about a Russian wedding party in sleighs who are attacked by a huge pack of wolves

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Bar Check-In Leads To Increase Beverage Sales

As seen in Golf Business July/August 2021 By Steve Eubanks: There’s one great way to get people buying more pre-round beverages: Make them check in for golf at the bar. That is exactly what happens at Blue Sky Golf Club in Jacksonville, Florida, one of about 20 clubs operated by former...

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Considering Your Options – Should You Venture into the World of Non-Golf Revenues?

By Doug McPherson, Contributor, Golf Business The decision to enter the world of non-golf revenue back in the late 1970s was an easy one for Kathy Aznavorian. “Some customers asked us to do steak dinners for group and league outings. We listened...

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A New Door Rescues Golden State Club Restaurant

As seen in Golf Business May/June 2021 By Steve Eubanks: Sometimes it’s as easy as opening a door. Or creating one. Throughout the lockdowns in California, which extended longer than a full year and prompted a recall effort of the state’s governor, Golden State golf clubs kept their...

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It's Not Delivery, It's Smart Pizza

As seen in Golf Business March/April 2021 By Scott Kauffman: For decades, the pizza business has been at the forefront of food-service innovation. Of course, one of the original delivery-service distributors was Domino’s Pizza, which mastered the cutting-edge concept of taking pizza...

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Employee First Impressions are Everything

By Whitney Reid Pennell, President, RCS Hospitality Group When we think of first impressions, our brains naturally default to how we greet our members and customers-- but what about your organization's new employees?

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[2021-03-18] NGCOA CEO Jay Karen Joins U.S. Travel Association Board of Directors

Appointment Confirms Association’s Commitment to Supporting Golf & Travel Charleston, SC (March 18, 2021) - The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) is pleased to announce that its CEO, Jay Karen, was appointed to the U.S. Travel Association Board of Directors last week....