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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 67: Mike Ketterman & Dave Barton; Del Ratcliffe & Rock Lucas

In this edition of House Chat, Dave Barton, NGCOA Director of Education & Editor of Golf Business Magazine and Mike Ketterman, NGCOA Director of Corporate Sponsorships, discuss the upcoming 2021 Golf Business Conference, to be conducted Jan 25-27 on the front end of the PGA Show Virtual...

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The Show Goes On

The Show Goes On "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future" By Harvey Silverman, Silverback Golf Marketing That’s another Yogi Berra quote, the wise sage of the New York Yankees. It struck me when I saw the PGA’s announcement that it canceled the 2021 PGA...

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NGCOA Golf Business podcast-Episode 40: Bill Rehanek, Billy Casper Golf; Dale Merritt, Golfpay

For Inside Golf Business, Bill Rehanek, senior vice president of operations for Billy Casper Golf, discusses the importance of safety training for employees. The topic was part of a featured story in the January 2020 issue of Golf Business magazine Dale Merritt, CEO and managing member of...

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 36: Jonathan Wiesel, Kraig Kann

For Inside Golf Business, Jonathan Wiesel, Nordic consultant/journalist with Nordic Group International in Bozeman, Montana, talks more about the winter activities that can drive off-season revenues at golf courses in a follow up to the November/December issue of the magazine. http://www...

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Golf Business podcast Episode 33: Rock Lucas & Del Ratcliffe

In this special episode of Owner to Owner, Rock Lucas of Charwood Country Club and Del Ratcliffe of Ratcliffe Golf Services discuss the upcoming Golf Business Conference 2020 in Orlando, Florida, and other NGCOA educational opportunities; pay-by-the-hole options, and some good...

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 16: Whitney Crouse, Beau Reid

Whitney Crouse, Bobby Jones Links, talks about the success rebranding of his golf course in a follow-up to a Golf Business magazine story; and Beau Reid with insurance company Holmes Murphy, explains NGCOA's latest member benefit to save course owners money.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast- Episode 14: Owner to Owner with Don Rea & Allison George

In this special extended episode of Owner to Owner, Don Rea and Allison George discuss making the best of your peak seasons, and also a peek at some education sessions at Golf Business Conference 2019. And a bonus: Don explains his "Save Your Loonies" program.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 13: Kevin Lang, Del Ratcliffe and Don Rea, Kraig Kann

Kevin Lang of PrecisionHawk talks about the many applications for drones, Del Ratcliffe and Don Rea discuss the latest industry issues, and 2019 Golf Business Conference emcee Kraig Kann lets you in on what to expect at the February event.

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast - Episode 11 - Desane Blaney, Whitey O'Malley & Del Ratcliffe, Jane Geddes

Desane Blaney of the Association of Golf Merchandisers gives insider tips on bringing holiday shoppers to the golf shop; Whitey O'Malley & Del Ratcliffe share thoughts on connecting with their customers; Jane Geddes, executive director at LPGA Amateur Golf Association, shines a light on the ...

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NGCOA Golf Business Podcast Episode 8 - Tommy Lim, Rock Lucas & Whitey O'Malley, CT Shaw

Tommy Lim, the CEO of GOLFZON America Inc., talks about how golf simulators are influencing the industry; Rock Lucas and Whitey O'Malley discuss food and beverage issues including rising minimum wages; CT Shaw of Landscapes Unlimited shares advice on disaster preparedness.