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Injured Golf Cart Passenger Who Settled His Claims Against The Driver Is Precluded From Asserting Cl

By Rob Harris, Founder, Golf Dispute Resolution In Jones v. The Glenwood Golf Corporation , the Iowa Supreme Court explained that “a father–son golf outing ended badly when the son, driving a golf cart owned by the golf course, struck a bridge and...

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Volunteers: Knowing the Full Burden Expense

As seen in Golf Business May/June 2021 By Ronnie Miles, NGCOA Director of Advocacy Golf industry employment has been a coveted field for many retirees. The vision of working a few hours a week in an environment that enables one to interact with friends and enjoy free green...

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DOL Challenges Exempt Employee Status

FROM THE DESK OF... Opinions, thoughts and viewpoints from across the golf industry DOL Challenges Exempt Employee Status By Ronnie Miles, Director of Advocacy, NGCOA From time to time, we receive information from our owners who face different...

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Golf Business Podcast - Episode 66: Steve Jubb, Executive Director, National Alliance for Accessible Golf; Jay Karen, CEO, NGCOA

In this Inside Golf Business Edition, Steve Jubb, Executive Director of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, discusses inclusion and their mission "... to increase participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf", offering resources to those with disabilities and golf...

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Takeout is a Solution to Public Safety, Not a Tax Problem

Takeout is a Solution to Public Safety, Not a Tax Problem By Steve Graves, President, Creative Golf Marketing As seen on One thing that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has produced is lively debate within the industry. Other than 1) wear a mask, 2...

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 60: Jim Ehret, Ehret Club Consulting; Beth Milito, NFIB

In this Inside Golf Business segment, Jim Ehret, Ehret Club Consulting, will touch upon current trends in capital expenditures clubs are planning including golf simulation and gaming, business centers, practice areas, dining options and more. In this Advocacy segment, Beth Milito, Senior...

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 57: Whitey O'Malley and Justin Smith; Ronnie Miles and Jared Williams

In this Owner to Owner segment, Whitey O'Malley, Saddleback Golf Club, CO and Justin Smith, Olde Homestead Golf Club, PA discuss current operations at their clubs and their efforts to make the best of 2020. In this House Chat segment, Ronnie Miles and Jared Williams, NGCOA Co-Directors of...