June 2021

Anticipated Consumer Tendencies vs. Surge in Golf Participation



- Golf participation surge sustainability looks good as we enter the summer

- 70% of 'Core Golfers' strongly agree the country will be up and running (pre-pandemic) by the end of '21

- 47% surveyed anticipate playing next week (9% higher compared to 1 year ago)

- Cautious consumer tendencies are actually favorable for our industry

Having tracked golfer participation intent and attitudes for over two decades and coupling this historical trend data with the ongoing Barometer tracking work, we maintain our perspective that positive conditions will continue to be present for golf participation throughout the balance of the 2021 season.  There are a number of positive factors and trends that we are seeing, even as most of the country relaxes restrictions and people begin to act upon the latent demand for a litany of leisure activities that continued to build through the first and second quarter of this year.

First and foremost, we are finding that despite a demonstrative return to favorite leisure activities, both the qualitative and quantitative components of the Barometer are showing a lingering “COVID hangover” that sees a significant proportion of Americans emerging from their shells, but doing so with caution and an acknowledgement that the pandemic and its impact are far from over in dictating consumer behaviors...  READ MORE >>
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