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Pellucid Corp. – Facility Performance Tracking + Research 

04-20-2021 14:18


NGCOA members receive a 10% discount on the annual subscription price of Pellucid’s Golf Market Research Center (GMRC) facility performance tracking tool.

The GMRC is a web-based portal service which provides the following four types of reports:

  • Market Profile: A 5-dimensional view of the size, shape and health of the Designated Marketing Area (DMA) in which the facility resides, updated annually
  • Facility Performance Trend View: A by-month comparison graph and table of any individual month and Year-to-Date (based on the facility-provided data) period for 7 Pellucid-defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Facility KPI Scorecard: A single table view of the values and comparison to Year Ago (YA) for 7 Pellucid-defined KPIs, color-coded to show positive and negative variances for each
  • Facility Market/Peer Group Benchmarking: A single table view comparing the facility's performance for the 7 Pellucid-defined KPIs vs. either their DMA or their peer group within the DMA (Premium, Value, Price; dependent upon the size and distribution of other market facilities)

The GMRC uses a combination of the facility provided facts (Rounds, Golf Revenue, Peak Season Green Fee Rate), seamlessly integrates Pellucid's proprietary weather data (providing Capacity Rounds specific to the market which informs % Utilization and Revenue-per-Available Round (RevpAR)) and creates other unique calculated metrics (% Discount Rate, comparative indexing for Leading, Pacing, Lagging etc.).  More details are provided either by viewing this 15-minute video demonstration (simply submit your name + email to watch) or by reviewing this outline.


Contact Pellucid President Jim Koppenhaver at and he'll provide instructions on how to sign up as an NGCOA member and the discount code for online ordering/payment, then you'll be all set to subscribe and start using the web-based portal for the facility(ies) to which you're assigned as admin.

The NGCOA discount applies for any type of membership. The annual price for the GMRC is $500 (flat fee, doesn't matter how many season months you operate) with a $50 NGCOA discount making the net price $450 annual. The first year payment is due upon subscription. Beginning in 2022 there will be a monthly automatic credit card payment program.


Pellucid is a leading golf industry information & insights provider founded in 2001.  As an independent, for-profit company, Pellucid has been the "industry conscience" for over 20 years with fact-based analysis and insights that have been proven correct over time and helped our clients make better-informed business decisions.  We provide services to a wide array of industry stakeholders including golf course owner/operators (both individual and multi-course management companies), golf course cart & equipment manufacturers, golf consumer equipment manufacturers, industry analysts and appraisers etc.  We publish reports and commentaries on industry topics from macro (the definitive State of the Industry annually) to micro (the dizzying array of technology choices and utility for course owners/operators).  We created an industry-leading software tool and approach to marketing analysis, the Golf Local Market Analyzer and we're the sole industry provider of multiple weather impact products looking at last month's weather impact on rounds (Cognilogic) and the upcoming month's forecast impact as well (Foresight).

All these capabilities combine to make Pellucid pre-eminently qualified to build and support the GMRC which is intended to provide the average owner/operator with a single location for comprehensive analysis of their market, their individual facility's performance and how that performance compares to the marketplace and their peer group within the market.

Contact Pellucid President Jim Koppenhaver at with any questions or to enroll.

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