Independent Contractors

overtime rules and independent contractors

Independent Contractors are becoming a major part of the nation’s workforce and sometimes businesses are using Independent Contractors to avoid the cost and burden of adding to their permanent workforce. While the practice of hiring Independent Contractors to perform specialty work is legal, many states are taking a very close look at these positions to ensure they meet the criteria of being “independent.”

Why is this issue important to golf course owners and operators?

The golf industry relies on many Independent Contractors to deliver various services within clubs’ programs. For most, these would include golf and tennis instructors. Owners and operators need to ensure they follow the Department of Labor guidelines when hiring, scheduling and paying the Independent Contractors. If courses are found to be using these positions for duties other than what they were officially hired for, courses may have to pay expensive fines plus costly restitution to the state and the contractor.

What is the NGCOA doing about this issue?

NGCOA has published the Department of Labor Guidelines and identified areas owners and operators should monitor to ensure ongoing compliance with this law. Click here for guidelines and other related information.

How you can get involved

Learn more about this issue and discuss it with your peers.