National Alliance for Accessible Golf

The NGCOA is a founding member of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf, which works to ensure all individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to play golf. The Alliance is also represented by other major golf organizations in the US that provide services for people with disabilities, and others who advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities into society. Through Golf: Accessible and Inclusive Networks (GAIN) and other programs, the Alliance promotes inclusion and awareness to the golf industry, golf instructors and the general public. The Alliance also provides golf course owners, operators and their personnel with technical assistance if needed. In conjunction with the United States Golf Association (USGA), the Alliance also administers inclusive golf programs for individuals with disabilities.

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf has developed a search engine utilized by golfers with disabilities who are actively seeking golf courses, programs and instructors in their local communities. Listing your course is complimentary and easy to do. The brief, 12-question form can be completed in fewer than 10 minutes. Click here to allow the Alliance to connect you with interested and engaged potential customers.

Why is understanding and complying with this issue critical to golf business?

There are more than 61 million adult Americans living with disabilities, and many of them are currently playing or newly discovering golf. While there are federal laws which golf courses must follow to ensure accessibility, learning how to accommodate this growing customer base requires education and training to all levels of the golf staff. 

How can owners and operators make golf more accessible to all players? 

The NGCOA encourages golf course owners and operators to embrace all golfers regardless of capabilities and limitations, so we're committed to understanding the changing federal regulations on accessibility, and educating and consulting our members on proactive measures they can adopt to ensure their facility and staff are prepared to serve those with disabilities. In that vein, we've created materials golf course owners and operators can use to help with compliance and business success.