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Toad Valley Golf Course


I have an amazing husband. Three entertaining children and I work for my family's business. What's that mean? It means I work too much and do the jobs no one else wants to do. The benefit is that I got to make up my title. The Wizard of Fun. It's one of the advantages of working at the family's business. You get to make up titles.

I went to school to be an English teacher, but the call of the family business lured me back to the golf course. In 2004, I, along with my brother and sister-in-law took over as the third generation in the family business.

It's definitely a labor of love and their aren't many aspects of the golf business that I haven't tackled at some point in my life. I started helping my dad change cups when I was two, the moved into the clubhouse's snack counter when I was 11. At 18, I moved outside and mowed tees and fairways. It's a great business and a fun environment.