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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 71: Allison George, Toad Valley Golf Course, Iowa & Jeff Hoag, Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center, Michigan; Kelly Gilley, PGA & Chris Kulinski, PGA, PGA Career Services 

05-26-2021 10:54

In this owner to owner segment, Allison George of Toad Valley Golf Course and Jeff Hoag, Scott Lake Golf & Practice Center discuss golf at their facilities coming out of a year of Covid, the high-demand and interest in golf.  Where will the staff come from to support unprecedented levels of play and how does golf continue to ride this wave? Are you ready to support the “Make Golf Your Thing” initiative?

In this House Chat segment, NGCOA partners from the PGA of America, Kelly Gilley, PGA, Career Consultant and Western Region Team Leader and Chris Kulinski, PGA, Career Consultant and Recruitment Specialist, discuss PGA Career Services.

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