Golf Business LIVE

Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams | Special Guests Rob Spurrier and Paylocity 

09-01-2023 11:19

Episode 8 in 2023 of Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams - powered by Supreme Golf returns with an interview featuring Rob Spurrier, CEO of Orbis Golf Limited. Listen in as Michael and Rob discuss Orbis’s inventive professional golf lesson booking software. With so many new golfers entering the sport, learn how Orbis has made the process of booking lessons easier with their cutting-edge and easy-to-use software. Then, Michael welcomes Lauren Dudding, Sr. HCM Account Executive for Paylocity, for a House Chat.

Discover how Paylocity has simplified the process of HR by providing a mobile-first approach to their business systems. Learn how managers, supervisors, and employees have everything at their fingertips, from paystubs to expense reports, training videos, and social collaboration tools all in one place. Are you looking for an effective way to save time and streamline your operations?

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