Golf Business LIVE

Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams | Special Guests Eleanor Brown + RCSU 

05-22-2023 15:36

Episode 4 in 2023 of Golf Business LIVE with Michael Williams - powered by Supreme Golf returns with an informative "Earth Day" themed show focusing on the topic of golf course sustainability. Listen in as Michael Williams sits down with Eleanor Brown, Director of Sustainability at Southworth Development as they dive into the exciting ways owner/operators can make their facilities more environmentally friendly. Learn about practical ways to reduce water usage, improve carbon emissions and provide habitats for wildlife at your facility. What operational insights can you glean from this seasoned environmental expert?

Then, Michael welcomes Tara Osborne, Hospitality Specialist for RCS University for a House Chat. Discover the benefits and features of RCSU's educational workplace training videos that provide employees opportunities to earn certifications, develop soft skills and prepare them for careers in the hospitality industry. In this ever changing and unpredictable labor market are you looking for better ways to train and keep staff at your facility?

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