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Golf Business Podcast - Episode 51: Cathy Harbin and Allison George

In this Owner to Owner segment, Cathy Harbin, Pine Ridge Golf Course and Allison George, Toad Valley Golf Course discuss their experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic and the importance of leadership to chart the path forward for their staff and customers.

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Golf Business Podcast Episode 50: George Cooper, Forbes Tate; Jeff Hoag and Whitey O'Malley

For this episode's Inside Golf Business, George Cooper, Forbes Tate Partners, talks about the next Covid-19 funding bill, what golf courses may expect, and efforts to keep the SIN list out of the CARES act now, and in the future. In the Owner to Owner segment, Jeff Hoag, Scott Lake Golf and...

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 47: Dale Merritt, Golfpay & Dave Barton, NGCOA

This House Chat features Dale Merritt, CEO of Golfpay and Dave Barton, NGCOA Director of Education and Programs discussing the NGCOA "Park and Play" program, social distancing guidelines and touchless technologies for golf, now and in the future.

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 46: Dr. Holly Andersen, Cardiologist, New York Presbyterian Hospital

Dr. Holly Andersen, Cardiologist at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Director of Education and Outreach with the Perelman Heart Foundation will discuss Hands Only CPR, a PGA of America initiative, and heart health during and after the coronavirus crisis.

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 45: Kyle Campbell & Brian Pfeifer, Deluxe Payroll Services

In House Chat today, Kyle Campbell, Account Manager, and Brian Pfeifer, VP Sales and Business Development at Deluxe Payroll Services talk about how to improve cash flow during the coronavirus crisis.

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 44: Steve Graybill, NGCOA Board President and Owner, Foxchase Golf Club

Steve Graybill discusses the efforts NGCOA is undertaking to provide education and resources for owners and operators. From new webinars, to more frequent podcasts, and weekly interactive Friday forums that address the challenges brought on by this pandemic, Steve highlights new resources and...

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Golf Business Podcast-Episode 42: Jay Karen, NGCOA CEO; Kurt Albertson, Chronogolf

For Inside Golf Business, NGCOA CEO Jay Karen discusses the organization's Beware of Barter report highlighted in the March 2020 issue of Golf Business magazine. Karen explains how the report was developed and some of the industry reactions. In this episode's House Chat, Kurt Albertson...

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Golf Business Podcast

The Golf Business Podcast brings you a new piece of original, curated, informative content to help your golf course business thrive and grow. Each podcast will cover one or more of the following segments: Inside Golf Business — leading golf course owners, operators and industry experts will...

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Golf Business Podcast - Episode 41: Steve Mona, Whitey O'Malley, Rock Lucas

This episode's Owner to Owner segment features Whitey O'Malley of Saddleback Golf Club and Rock Lucas of Charwood Country Club discussing off-season dynamic pricing results, various types of dynamic pricing, and the importance of the NGCOA's Beware of Barter report. ( ...

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NGCOA Golf Business podcast-Episode 40: Bill Rehanek, Billy Casper Golf; Dale Merritt, Golfpay

For Inside Golf Business, Bill Rehanek, senior vice president of operations for Billy Casper Golf, discusses the importance of safety training for employees. The topic was part of a featured story in the January 2020 issue of Golf Business magazine Dale Merritt, CEO and managing member of...