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Receive a 1.5% rebate on Rain Bird Golf Irrigation products during contract terms

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Receive a 1% rebate on new and/or 0.5% rebate on used Toro branded turf maintenance equipment purchases for existing courses converting from a competitive brand, and initial purchases for newly constructed courses, when purchased from an authorized Toro distributor.

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Take advantage of USGA's 100+ years of expertise, research, education and innovation. Get a 5% rebate when you book a consulting visit with a USGA regional agronomists or subscribe to its data platform.

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Entegra Procurement Services offers products from Easy Picker Golf Products Inc., Site One, Green Jacket, Pure Seed, Lowes and many other popular suppliers. You'll save 7% to 15% on more than 800 vendors; click here to learn more.

Contact David Hamilton at or 813.528.3669.