Why You Should Be At TechCon23 (It’s Not Just to See Me)


By Harvey Silverman, Contributor, Golf Business | Silverback Golf Marketing 

Do you think much has changed in golf’s technology world in the past five years? If you answer “No,” stop reading now and return to hiding behind your bar. 

NGCOA’s last technology conference was in 2018, following its first in 2017. Both introduced new technologies and highlighted improvements in existing ones. Both were well-attended, welcoming over 300 golf course operators eager to learn and discuss with technology leaders how best to incorporate advanced technologies in their businesses. 

Technology didn’t stand still during the Covid years. If anything, it’s advancing faster than ever. And TechCon23 is your chance to catch up while enjoying a brief respite in Las Vegas. 

I mean, where else could you meet and listen to a co-owner of the San Francisco 49ers whose technology experience includes C-Suite level positions at Facebook and YouTube, the first two Internet companies to achieve over one billion active users? Oh, and he’s an avid golfer who is also on the PGA’s Board of Directors. Think he might have some exciting things to tell us? And that’s just for openers the first afternoon.

Matt Ginella is the TechCon23 emcee. You’ve likely seen, heard, and read Ginella’s golf stories for years, and he’s now the founder and CEO of the Fire Pit Collective. Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with one of golf’s great journalists. 

After Ginella’s opening remarks, you’ll be immersed in a fast-paced day of technology discoveries and education. And it will start with the A-1 topic of the day, artificial intelligence or AI (see the connection?). You’ll learn what your non-attending competitors won’t – how AI can and will affect your business now and in the future. 

From there, you and the co-workers you bring can choose 30-minute education segments brought to you by the conference’s supporting sponsors. TechCon23 is the place where, in one day, you can gather knowledge on the technologies driving dynamic pricing, golf simulators and range systems, GPS systems, on-course videography, reputation management, workforce development, irrigation and water use, and more. (Note – following TechCon23 on Oct. 12 is a national water summit. You should be there too). 

Heck, you’ll barely have time to use the restroom, so bring along your Depends. 

The day ends with “Facility Futurama,” where five technology experts will predict what your facility will look like ten years hence. You can either become the Jetsons or remain the Flintstones and be left behind. 

And, yes, I am there to moderate a panel of GMS (Golf Management System, our preferred moniker to replace the outdated “PoS, Point of Sale” label) executives. Why? Because GMS systems today are the engine that runs your business and are so much more than a computerized cash register. I’ve curated questions culled from members’ posts on NGCOA’s Accelerate, often expressing frustration and questions about the GMS systems on their counters. This session is not about demonstrating GMS features. It’s about the accountability of both the GMS providers and the people using their systems.  What you miss might be your competitor’s gain. Go HERE to register NOW and make your plans to attend TechCon23 on Oct. 10-11. I’ll see you there.

Harvey Silverman is a contributor to Golf Business and the proprietor of his marketing consultancy, Silverback Golf Marketing, and the co-founder of Quick.golf, golf’s only pay-by-hole app. Harvey authored NGCOA’s “Beware of Barter” guide and has spoken at their Golf Business Conferences and Golf Business TechCon.

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