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Golf’s popularity remains on an upward trajectory, with more than 25 million Americans taking to the course last year. Following a successful MCOR23, which Tagmarshal attended, it’s also apparent that the rapid growth of off-course golf presents an exciting opportunity for the industry as a whole to connect with a tech-savvy, younger and more diverse market segment to drive further interest on-course.

As your facility’s head golf professional or course manager will tell you, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete the multitude of tasks associated with running a successful golf operation. Coupled with labor shortages, the cost of labor and other inflationary pressures, providing an exceptional player experience in the face of increased play volume requires optimal use of resources and a forward-thinking approach. The good news is that technology can help!

Tagmarshal, the Atlanta-based industry leader in on-course optimization technology, partners with courses to give operators data insights and the tools they need to manage their operations effectively. Courses are able to provide exceptional player experiences through preemptive pace of play management, using automation to operate at maximum efficiency and generate additional revenue.

These include the likes of Bandon Dunes, Baltusrol, Pinehurst, Sand Valley, Oakmont, Erin Hills, Valhalla, Country Club at Castle Pines and other private, resort and daily fee facilities, as well as many $30 to $50 green fee courses, all of which are using Tagmarshal's optimization technology to effectively manage on-course operations and achieve success.

Tagmarshal provides managers with real-time, full line of sight of their entire course. Powerful algorithms based on data collected from in excess of 25 million rounds identify potential pace of play issues before they impact field flow, resulting in proactive course management. Gone are the days of having multiple marshals aimlessly patrolling the field, as GPS tracking means this can now be managed from the clubhouse or on the go with on-course assistance sent as and when needed, saving teams valuable hours.

Jeff Simonds, the assistant General Manager and Senior Director of Operations at Bandon Dunes, has multiple years of system experience at his operation. “Tagmarshal provides us with a bird’s-eye view of our operations, helping us to manage field flow and to allocate resources effectively, directly impacting on the golfer’s experience.”

The data collected is easily accessible and actionable to help managers and their teams identify realistic goal times for holes and rounds, problematic hole setups, and areas where bottlenecks frequently occur. Perhaps most importantly, given that USGA research shows pace-based marshal interventions have an overwhelmingly negative impact on a player’s enjoyment of the round and their post-round sentiment, having data on hand for fact-based, neutral discussions with players entirely reframes these interactions.

With an intuitive system that automates many time-consuming tasks, such as pace of play management and protecting sensitive areas of the course via geofencing, energy can be redirected towards delivering service excellence. Kevin Paschall, Serenoa’s owner, sees Tagmarshal “as another employee, getting stuff done, freeing up time for our team to focus on other tasks.” Quicker rounds also mean players have more time to spend at the pro shop and on food and beverages, and the intent to return and Net Promoter Score will materially improve.

In addition to labor efficiency and pace management, the system also helps operators to optimize gap time intervals for specific times of the day or days of the week. Tagmarshal’s extensive data set helps courses to identify opportunities, which means that extra tee sheet capacity can be generated, providing a healthy boost to a club’s bottom line. “The data has allowed us to optimize tee sheet capacity and improve flow,” says Chip Hierlihy, General Manager at Fieldstone Golf Club, “enhancing the player experience and increasing golf revenue by 25%.”

Tagmarshal has partnered with more than 35 of the Top 100 US courses and more than 500 courses in total. These include private, daily fee, public and resort courses, and golf management groups.

“Don’t let yourself fall behind the technology. I’d recommend taking a strong look at Tagmarshal, which pays for itself a hundred times over.”

Jim Lombardo, Head Golf Professional, Erin Hills

David Hamilton, Tagmarshal’s Vice President of Business Development, is based in Augusta, GA – close to the company’s Atlanta operations - and Charleston, SC. “No other system is enabling operators to utilize data as effectively as Tagmarshal,” he states, “and I am honored to be leading their partnership and growth efforts.” David can be contacted via email at or by calling 813-528-3669.

You can also find out more about how Tagmarshal will help optimize your on-course operations by visiting


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