Justice for Operators: A Gratifying DOJ Update in NGCOA's Fight Against Fraudulent Merchant Processing


By Jay Karen, CEO, National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) 


We thought several members of NGCOA, and countless other facilities across the country, would like to see the news that the former corporate leadership at ETS, a company that provided merchant processing services for a bulk of the golf industry, have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Texas for conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. The Department of Justice recently published a press release on this case.
This is gratifying news to NGCOA staff and leadership, as we spent many months over the course of two or three years pursuing justice for golf courses that were victimized by the fraudulent tactics and theft employed by ETS. We made efforts to start a class action suit against ETS. We urged the Department of Treasury to pursue justice in light of what we saw as illegal activity under the Durbin Amendment. And finally we did our best to assist the FBI with their interest in justice, which we now see may come to fruition.
Dating back to the summer of 2014, many members of NGCOA assisted in what has now turned out to be a long journey towards justice. Plainly, we believe ETS raided the bank accounts of thousands of golf courses, and we are glad to see the indictment move towards a proper outcome in our justice system.
Best wishes for a strong finish to your summer!

Jay Karen is CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association, the only trade association dedicated exclusively to golf course owners and operators. NGCOA members include owners, operators and general managers of daily-fee, semi-private, private and resort courses of all sizes. Not an NGCOA member yet? You can join at NGCOA.org/join




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