The Links vs. LinkedIn: Revenue Opportunities from a New Marketing Angle


By Paul Courter, COO, Perfect Golf Event 

There are more revenue opportunities when golf course operators refine their marketing messages to include the business-to-business advantages of golf.

This applies to daily fee rounds, member rounds and charity golf events.

LinkedIn provides an online channel for members to connect, network and grow from their online connections.
Your golf course can provide a more effective channel that generates revenue for the course.

Charity golf events have traditionally marketed their event based on the cause, the course, and the contests. These events are gaining additional players and sponsors by reminding potential participants that a golf event is the perfect venue to solidify current business relationships. In addition, there is new business to be mined from all the participants at the event if they come with a “networking” approach. 

What is a “networking approach”? It is when a participant registers for an event with an openness to meet new contacts in a comfortable setting. What better setting than a golf event?

As a golf course operator your goal should be to educate charity golf event organizers on how to grow their event. If they can move from 90-110 participants to a full field, revenue grows for both the course and the charity. And successful events will come back to your course!

Here are some ideas that will help you provide value to a charity golf event at your course.

Instruct organizers to remind potential players that the audience at the golf event is much larger than just the players. There are volunteers, committee members, staff, supporters, and sponsors also in attendance. So, an event with 120 players may actually have an audience of 160-190 in attendance. 

Remind organizers to ask their registrants to post their participation on their social media sites, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. This promotes the event to a high-potential group for players and sponsors. 

Events are also allowing sponsors to set up display areas where participants can interact with sponsors prior to tee off. It adds value to the sponsorship which increases revenue. If events have successful sponsorship sales, they are more likely to reach their goals and return to the golf course annually. 

To further grow their event, organizers are now hosting “preview” events at the host golf course 45-60 days before their event. They invite registered and potential players and sponsors to attend the preview. They bring in a speaker on a topic of high interest (digital marketing, for example) followed by a golf clinic and a round of golf. This generates interest in the upcoming event and additional revenue for the golf course from food & beverage, golf and merchandise sales. 

YouTube is a new avenue for promoting a golf event. Have the event set up a YouTube channel for their event. They can post short videos on the golf course, their cause, and the event day activities. Your golf course should have short videos available to all events focused on the layout, signature holes and amenities. As part of a sponsorship package, larger sponsors can add short videos promoting their business. 

Outside of charity golf events, an innovative golf course should consider their own way to focus on networking. For example, offer your own business – business breakfast or luncheon followed by a round of golf. Encourage participants to engage with other participants to develop business connections. 

Need a new idea? Invite golfers in your database to play in an event directly aimed at developing new contacts. Start with a breakfast or luncheon and have everyone sign up with a business card or contact information. Then prior to the round, assign groups randomly so everyone has a chance to make a new contact during the round. 

Your goal should be a total resource for a charity golf event by providing ideas they might not have considered. It will help you grow and retain events plus generate referrals from successful organizers. 

Paul Courter is the Chief Operating Officer for Perfect Golf Event. If you have any questions, he can be reached at 248-640-0212 and his e-mail is



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