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South Carolina Golf Course Owners Association

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Terry Sedalik
, Executive Director
email: tsedalik@bellsouth.net
Phone: (843)722-7799
Fax: (843)722-2905

Welcome to South Carolina!

The SCGCOA organizes activities to support golf course operator’s issues such as legislation and marketing. Legislative success includes property tax reform for golf courses, water regulation, health care, golf tourism support and others. The teamwork required made this a great success for the association and a winner of the NGCOA Champions award for the year 2005, 2012, and the Porter Award for 2016.

The current effort is developing a process to provide member assistance with a group plan needed after the Affordable Care Act.  Funding this project and working with consultants to provide guidance for improved cost control and benefits.

The SCGCOA is a leader in working with other allied or community organizations to represent and further the interests of the SCGCOA.

I invite you to join the SC Course Owners Association. Your input on the issues is vital to the success of this organization. Please become involved. You will be glad you did.

Your membership in the SCGCOA means membership in the National Golf Course Owners Association.


Barbara Searle,
Regional Services Manager
email: bsearle@ngcoa.org
Phone: 800-933-4262, ext. 203

Sharing, saving and learning - it’s what your membership in the NGCOA gives each and every member. Our national office can assist you in connecting with fellow members within your area, with details around our purchasing programs, legislative and advocacy efforts, educational opportunities, members-only access, and much more!

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