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Rockerbox – Helping Courses Obtain COVID-Related Tax Credits 

05-04-2021 15:46

Did you know that employers can still earn credits through the Employee Retention Tax Credit program?

Every employer can retroactively earn credits going back as far as Q2 2020 (through Q3 2021). Employers may be eligible to earn credits in six quarters: Q2, Q3, Q4 2020 and Q1, Q2, Q3 2021. Every employer has until three years from the quarter in which the employer earns the credit to file the documentation with the IRS. Employers can earn up to $5,000 per eligible employee in 2020; and up to $7,000 per eligible employee, per quarter, in 2021. One eligible employee may earn an employer a maximum $26,000 in credits ($5,000 in 2020 and $21,000 for 2021).

Why do golf course owners qualify for ERTC?  

Many times the golf course was impacted by COVID restrictions. The end result was a decline in both food and beverage and event revenue streams because COVID-related restrictions impaired the course ownership from fully operating restaurants, bars, tournaments, weddings, catering and pro shops. 

Visit for more information and to see if your golf business is still eligible for the ERTC.


What is at stake?

Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in tax credits. Your golf course might be eligible for credits in both 2020 and 2021. The ERTC program can be confusing to most – considering how much misinformation is out on the web and social media.

Employer-based tax credit programs like the Employee Retention Tax Credit program (ERTC) can be financially transformational. In fact, some of our clients have improved cash flow up to 40%. Credits are fully refundable and are used to offset the employer portion of payroll taxes. Thus, non-profits and some government-owned entities may be eligible.

Click the video below to learn more about the program and this invaluable benefit:


The National Golf Course Owners Association has partnered with Rockerbox to help their members determine if they are eligible in the Employee Retention Tax Credit program. If your golf course is eligible to participate, Rockerbox will work with your golf course to calculate the number of credits, and then file for the employee retention credits.

But let’s talk about your golf course’s eligibility in ERTC: Rockerbox wants to set up an introductory call with every NGCOA member to determine if they are eligible in the ERTC program. After a few simple questions, the tax credit experts at Rockerbox can determine if your golf course is eligible for the ERTC. Visit for more information and to see if your golf business is still eligible for the ERTC. Or you can schedule an initial call with Rockerbox simply by sending an email to or calling Philip Wentworth at 469-644-6635.

As we like to tell every new client: ERTC is one program; two different years; with two slightly different sets of provisions. You will not know if you are eligible to participate in ERTC until you sit down to discuss your unique situation with an expert.

Did you know? That if your golf course took a Paycheck Protection Program loan, that you are now eligible to participate in ERTC? Did you know that each employer must meet JUST ONE of two eligibility criteria to participate in the ERTC program? Did you know that employer eligibility criteria are different in 2021, Compared to 2020?

Let the team at Rockerbox determine your ERTC eligibility—once and for all. Within 15 minutes, Rockerbox can determine if there is a high likelihood of your golf course being eligible for ERTC. If so, we will walk you through every facet of the program. Do you have 15 minutes to discuss your eligibility?

What are you missing? Clarity? Peace of mind? Tax credits? Cash flow?


Rockerbox helps employers execute employer-based tax incentive programs. From Federal programs like the like the Employee Retention Tax Credit program or the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program to State-specific programs like the Indian Tax Credit, our goal is to optimize each program so that our clients may fully maximize the benefits of every credit captured.

Four pillars of Rockerbox: Expertise, Technology, Customer Advocacy, Results.

  • Expertise: our tax incentive experts possess more than 65 years of combined experience.
  • Technology: our technology enables every stakeholder to participate in the process efficiently.
  • Customer Advocacy: our customer success teams focus on delivering education, optimization and performance to every client.
  • Results: our goal is to outperform every tax incentive provider/administrator in the market today.

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