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It's Not All About the Members

By Whitney Reid Pennell, President, RCS Hospitality Group You read that right. It's not always all about the members. It's true that your members, the experiences they have at the club, and their loyalty to your club is what keeps the lights on,...

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[2021-06-08] NGCOA Members Get Rebates on Motorola Two-Way Radio Products

New communications partner HQ98 helps golf courses improve productivity, customer service, safety and profitability with industry leading devices Charleston, S.C. (June 8, 2021) - The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) today announced a partnership with HQ98, the largest...

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Considering Your Options – Should You Venture into the World of Non-Golf Revenues?

By Doug McPherson, Contributor, Golf Business The decision to enter the world of non-golf revenue back in the late 1970s was an easy one for Kathy Aznavorian. “Some customers asked us to do steak dinners for group and league outings. We listened...

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A New Door Rescues Golden State Club Restaurant

As seen in Golf Business May/June 2021 By Steve Eubanks: Sometimes it’s as easy as opening a door. Or creating one. Throughout the lockdowns in California, which extended longer than a full year and prompted a recall effort of the state’s governor, Golden State golf clubs kept their...

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It's Not Delivery, It's Smart Pizza

As seen in Golf Business March/April 2021 By Scott Kauffman: For decades, the pizza business has been at the forefront of food-service innovation. Of course, one of the original delivery-service distributors was Domino’s Pizza, which mastered the cutting-edge concept of taking pizza...

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Nutritionists Service Growing Demand in Golf Industry

FROM THE DESK OF... Opinions, thoughts and viewpoints from across the golf industry Nutritionists Service Growing Demand In Golf Industry By Steve Eubanks, Contributor, Golf Business ® As seen in Jan/Feb 2021 Golf Business Magazine Jenna Appel just...

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What Clubs with Extensive F&B Operations Need to Know About Recent Relief Acts

What Clubs with Extensive F&B Operations Need to Know About Recent Relief Acts By Ronnie Miles, Director of Advocacy, NGCOA On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (Act) into law. The Act includes the...

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Imagine... By JJ Keegan, Envisioning Strategist and Reality Mentor, JJKeegan+ What if an individual comes to your golf course and offers to pay you 100% of the rack rate for 100% of the tee times? The only caveat is that no one can play your golf course that day. Would you...

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Golf Business Podcast - Episode 64: Charlie Garrison, Garrison Brothers Distillery; Shawn Six & Jay Andersen - C&B

In this Inside Golf Business, Charlie Garrison, one of the two founding brothers of Garrison Brothers Distillery, Hye, TX, discusses injecting energy and cr eative " to go " solutions into your spirits program. In this House Chat segment, Shawn Six, Principal, Industry Insights, Inc,...