Peer Resource Panel

The Peer Resource Panel (PRP) allows NGCOA members to ask for and receive guidance related to matters of a private or confidential nature from a small, dedicated group of experienced, trusted owners.

The NGCOA Accelerate platform and its various communities, visible to and used by all NGCOA members, will remain the preferred forum for topic searches, inquiries, discussions, and the sharing of ideas for everyone's benefit.

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    Golf Business Community, I am sure many of you are aware that Hurricane Ian hit Florida pretty hard. ...

  • RE: H-2B

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    Raymond, The initial process can be lengthy. One of the challenges businesses are facing right now ...

  • H-2B

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    How long does it take to apply for and get an H-2B visa?  We are looking at some candidates from Canada. ...

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    Golf Course Owners and Operators, From time to time, NGCOA will receive calls and emails from owners ...