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To enhance the lives of golf course owners by making their business more profitable, more efficient, better managed, and more stable.

Increase Profitability and Improve Operations

Manuals and Publications

Other easy access educational pieces:

  • Free subscription to Golf Business Journal, and NGCOA E-News 
  • Free access to Info Central: Online NGCOA library with over 200 downloadable daily operational documents
  • NGCOA directory of industry suppliers and Online Buyer’s Guide

Programs to Increase Your Rounds:

Kids on Course
USGA and NGCOA Juniors Golf Program:  Bring the soon to be loyal golfers to your course and get them hooked!

Take Your Daughter to the Course Week
Create and grow that untapped resource: Kids and Women!  This family event is sure to boost your status among your community and bring in many more.

Beginner Friendly Certification
Take out the intimidation and don’t miss out on this booming opportunity!  Those who want to learn but are a bit anxious are out there waiting for you to open your arms and handhold them into your establishment.  After that, it is a shoe in for loyalty.  The marketing programs that follow this certification will make sure these golfers know where you are and how friendly you are to them. 

Golf 20/20 Industry-Wide Growth of the Game Initiative
The NGCOA is on the front line looking out for your course.  Our sole purpose is to grow the game and help your business.  We need your support to continue these ever multiplying efforts.  We will represent you, the business owner and operator and fight for what is right for your business with the up most respect.

Idea Sharing and Problem Solving:

NGCOA Annual Conference and Golf Industry Show
Will be held February 20 – 24, 2007 in Anaheim, California. 

Regional, State, and Local Chapter Meetings
From a national perspective to grass root levels, we make sure we tend to all your issues and bring out the best in the business.

NGCOA Email Community Listserv
Share ideas and solve problems daily with hundreds of other owner and operators with just a click of the button.  This is where you will reap the most knowledge and information.  It is like having an advisory board at the tip of your fingers.  Plus it is FREE!  There is no reason not to be apart of this forum.   
Annual Multi-Course Owners Retreat
Own seven or more courses?  Want to meet with the top industry leaders in the country?  This invite only meeting is the top most desired event to attend for the whirlwind of ideas and information passed along. 

NGCOA Directory of Member Courses
All owner and operator PLUS industry suppliers are at your fingertips to use!  The more information the better! 

Legislative and Regulatory Solutions:

IRS Course Improvement Depreciation Handbook
Located for free within our online library, Info Central

Tool Kit for Accommodating Golfers with Disabilities
Located for free within our online library, Info Central

Property Tax Success Stories
Through the help of the NGCOA, many different regions have reached legislative success on a range of issues: Property taxes, Day Light Saving Time recognition, and more!

Monthly Reporting on Pertinent Legislation
We have the tools to get the news to you!  If it is happening in your county and it deals with your golf course, you will know about it!  We must work together to make sure this industry doesn’t slide in the wrong direction.

Lowering Your Operating Costs

Buying and Selling Assistance

Golf Course Market
A joint effort between the magazine and the association, this forum is the leading middle ground between buyers and sellers of golf courses.  This venue provides:

  • Listing of professional services including appraisals and brokers
  • Education to prepare for the sale or purchase

Additional Benefits
Free Admission for Members and Spouses to:

  • PGA Championship and Senior Championship
  • PGA Fall Expo and PGA Merchandise Show

Discounts on:

  • Admission to World Golf Hall of Fame
  • Airfare, hotels, and car rentals with NGCOA Travel

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