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Golf's Economic Impact 

Over the years, Golf 20/20 has published national reports detailing the positive impact of golf on the US economy. The most recent of these report found that golf is a $68.8 billion industry and contributes approximately $3.9 billion annually to charities across the country - more than any other sporting activity.

In addition to the national report, GOLF 20/20, along with research partner SRI International, developed a template with which individual states could quantify golf’s impact on their economy.

These findings substantiate golf as a viable economic engine and good steward, giving the industry’s voice credibility and resonance amongst the non-golfing public, businesses, government and others. Time and again, the data in these studies have helped aid industry efforts to support or fight legislation that affects golf at both the federal and state levels.

To view the available national and state reports, click on the links below.

National Reports
2011 Golf Economic Impact Report
2011 Golf Economic Impact Press Release
2008 CMAA Economic Impact Survey
2005 Golf Economy Report
Economic Impact Fact Sheet
Environmental Impact Fact Sheet
Human Impact Fact Sheet
2002 Charitable Impact Report
2002 Golf Economy Report 

State Reports
Alabama 2010 Report
Arizona 2006 Report
California 2006 Report
Colorado 2002 Report
Connecticut 2008 Report
Florida 2007 Report
Georgia 2009 Report
Hawaii 2007 Report
Illinois 2007 Report
Iowa 2006 Report
Kentucky 2009 Report
Louisiana 2006 Report  
Maine 2012 Report
Maryland 2010 Report
Massachusetts 2012 Report  
Michigan 2006 Report  
Minnesota 2006 Report   
Missouri 2010 Report
New Jersey 2006 Report   
New York 2007 Report  
North Carolina 2007 Report  
Ohio 2006 Report   
Oklahoma 2006 Report 
Oregon 2008 Report  
Pennsylvania 2002 Report
South Carolina 2007 Report 
Texas 2006 Report 
Vermont  2006 Report
Virginia 2005 Report  
Washington 2007 Report
Wisconsin 2008 Report 

Other Economic Impact Reports
San Diego: Golf Economy Report
Florida: Palm Beach County Golf Economy Report

GOLF 20/20 is an initiative of the World Golf Foundation. WGF is a non-profit organization that unites the golf industry in support of programs that promote, enhance the growth of, and provide access to the game of golf worldwide. To learn more, visit their website, www.golf2020.com.


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