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Property Taxes

Property tax reportDo you live in fear of the envelope from the local tax assessor’s office that contains your next tax bill? Many owners do as property tax is one of the biggest single line items in any golf course budget. Because golf courses are complex entities and assessors have little experience dealing with them, the taxation process is fraught with confusion and frustration. The NGCOA continues its examination of property taxes to help you better understand the issues affecting your tax bill, and if you feel your situation needs review, give you the tools to help you find relief.

Learn about Property Taxes:

  • Read an Executive Summary from our Property Tax Report. CLICK HERE.
  • Get the Full Property Tax Report (members only). CLICK HERE.
  • Expert Outtakes: Read a summary from our recent eLearning webinars lead by property tax expert, Larry Hirsch and real estate tax lawyer, Kieran Jennings. CLICK HERE.

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