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$2.00 rebate per gallon on Pepsi brand post-mix fountain products
$1.10 per 24-count case of packaged products relating to the brand Gatorade
$0.75 rebate per case on all other Pepsi brand bottle and can products 

Plus, FREE service and preventative maintenance!

Pepsi-Cola Company Postmix Products Pricelist

Frequently asked questions

Contact Curt Webber at Pepsi

Eric Young

Curt Webber, National Account Sales Manager
Phone: (972) 334-2592
email: curt.webber@pepsico.com 
url: www.pepsico.com


  • You must be an exclusive Pepsi customer
  • You cannot be contracted for any other Pepsi golf program, i.e. PGA
  • Rebate checks are made payable to your course and go directly to your bottom line
  • Your local bottler must set up your account under the National Account Parent Number 7937
  • Please ensure that your contract reads…PEPSI-COLA / NGCOA FOUNTAIN BEVERAGE SALES AGREEMENT

For general questions about the Purchasing Network, contact Sheff Webb at swebb@ngcoa.org.

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