We Are Golf – changing the face of golf Arrow

WE ARE GOLF, a coalition led by the NGCOA, The PGA of America, GCSAA, and CMAA, is an initiative to
better represent the economic, human and environmental benefits of the industry at federal, state and local levels
of government.

Golf remains misunderstood by many influential policymakers in Washington, D.C. and around the nation.
WE ARE GOLF aims to change that by better telling and illustrating the stories of golf’s diverse businesses and
their employees, the tax revenues it creates, the tourism it spawns, the charity it generates, and the environmental
leadership it provides.

WE ARE GOLF is leveling the playing field for the thousands of small businesses that make up the industry and
depend on the sport for their success.

Your support of the NGCOA allows us to continue our efforts.

Learn more about WE ARE GOLF at www.wearegolf.org.

Legislative Resource Center – Keeping you abreast of legislative issues affecting your business Arrow

As the individual with the most at stake in the success of your businesses, you are attuned to how the
actions and interference of government and regulatory groups can affect your operation, both
positively and negatively.

The legislative resource center was designed for the purposes of educating you on legislative and regulatory
issues that affect your businesses, providing the NGCOA’s insight and position on these issues and guiding
you through the steps necessary to facilitate communication with - and ultimately positive action from
policymakers, at both the Federal and State levels.

Make your voice heard. Contact policy makers today. Visit our site at


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